IT Technician - Madeley Academy

Area: IT (Support)
Management Level: General Support
Closing date for applications: 15/01/2019

Position Description


IT Technician

Salary: £16,000 - £17,000 per annum (depending upon experience)

37½ hours per week

Monday – Thursday 8.10am – 5.00pm

Friday: 8.05am – 3.15pm

Working hours may be subject to change following negotiation with the line manager

Full year

An IT Technician is required as soon as possible.  The successful candidate will work under the direction of the appropriate Line Manager.



Accountable to the appropriate Line Manager for all work undertaken.


Safeguarding Responsibilities

You have a statutory responsibility to report any safeguarding concerns to the Designated Child Protection Officer or other designated persons.  If these persons are not available, concerns should be reported direct to Family Connect.  All employees have a responsibility to ensure that the Academy’s Child Protection, Safeguarding and e-Safety Policies are adhered to, and concerns are raised in accordance with these policies.


Health & Safety

  • To take reasonable care of your own Health & Safety

  • To use work items provided correctly and in accordance with training and instructions

  • To adhere to the Academy’s Health & Safety Policy


Security and Data Protection

All employees are expected to work within the confines of the Data Protection Act and to take appropriate measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of data.



  • To ensure that all IT is working effectively and ready for lessons to commence

  • To be responsible for general IT and computing hardware and software maintenance

  • To set up computer equipment and software as required

  • To provide direct support to staff and students as required

  • To set up system users, password allocation etc as directed by the Line Manager

  • To be responsible for Network Administration as directed by the Line Manager

  • To maintain an accurate hardware inventory and log of support requests

  • To administer the Internet and Intranet systems as directed by the Line Manager

  • To liaise directly with suppliers to expedite the repair/replacement of hardware issues

  • To liaise directly with suppliers to expedite the resolution of software bugs and problems

  • To liaise with retail suppliers and ensure that the most competitive buy prices are obtained

  • To monitor the quality of all merchandise and ensure that goods meet the required standards


  • To carry out regular audit checks

  • To ensure that all valuable items are kept in a secure environment

  • To work alongside members of the IT Team and to assist in:

    PC and peripheral repairs, routine maintenance and cleaning

    Network Maintenance as directed by the Line Manager

    Development and enhancement of the Academy IT infrastructure, in particular, with the introduction of new desktop and server operating systems

    Setting up presentation equipment

    Manning the Helpdesk telephone as required, responding promptly and appropriately to requests

  • To carry out the above duties proactively, operating out of the nominated/designated support office


Technical Support

To provide a professional level of technical support relating to user IT issues


Physical Limitations

To advise the Line Manager in writing of any physical limitation which may compromise the ability to undertake a nominated task safely or to an adequate standard/outcome


General Duties

The post-holder will be expected to:

  • Attend an annual Performance Management interview and where necessary, training or INSET sessions as directed by the Headteacher or Line Manager

  • Be versatile and adapt to a range of tasks

  • Establish a good working relationship with students and support their needs in the classroom

  • Be an active part of the departmental team

  • Act as a role model for the students, adopting the Academy’s Dress Code

  • Comply with any reasonable request from their Line Manager or Headteacher to undertake work of a similar level that is not specified in this Post Description

    Whilst every effort has been made to explain the main duties and responsibilities of the post, each individual task undertaken may not be identified.



    The successful candidate will be required to undergo and complete enhanced DBS certification.



    Completed application forms should be returned either by post or by email to:

    By Post:

    Mrs S Davies

    Headteacher’s PA

    Madeley Academy

    Castlefields Way


    TELFORD    TF7 5FB

    By email: