Learning Support Assistant - Walsall Academy

Area: Learning (Support)
Management Level: General Support
Closing date for applications: N/A

Position Description

Accountable to:                                                Inclusion Manager


  • To provide learning support to students as directed by the Inclusion Manager responsible for Social and Education Inclusion.
  • Supporting groups of students according to their educational needs under the direction/ supervision of class teachers.
  • Supervising groups of students and individuals under the direction/ supervision of the class teacher.
  • Preparation of materials for teaching staff.
  • Communicating regularly with the class teacher to whom they are responsible to ensure continuity of provision for students and to ensure that progress is made and recorded.
  • Promoting the general progress and well- being of individual students and of any group of students assigned.
  • The presentation and display of student’s work both within and outside of classrooms.
  • Helping to maintain a stimulating, healthy and safe learning environment in the immediate teaching area.
  • Where appropriate, communicating and co-operating with appropriate persons or bodies outside the school.
  • Participating in meetings arranged for any of the purposes described above.
  • Participating in arrangements for further training and professional development.
  • Maintaining good order among students and safeguarding their health and safety whether on the school premises or when engaged in authorised activities elsewhere.
  • Participating in meetings at the school which relate to the curriculum or the organisation of the school, including pastoral arrangements.
  • Attending assembles, registering the attendance of students, and where applicable assisting with playground duties.
  • To run intervention strategies for individual/groups of students.
  • Meeting with parents to discuss individual’s students’ progress and support needs
  • To carry out other reasonable tasks from time to time as directed by the Headteacher.